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  • About us

    BCALA's purpose is to call to the attention of the American Library Association the need to respond positively on behalf of the Black members of the profession and the information needs of the Black community by reviewing, analyzing, evaluating, and recommending to the American Library Association actions on the needs of Black librarians which will influence their status in the areas of recruitment, development, advancement, and general working conditions; and to provide information on qualifications of Black librarians.

our history BCALA History from its founding to the present day

  • 1970

    Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA) has continued to be an integral part of the library literature during the thirty-five year history of the organization. As the organization has grown, so too has the amount of literature. The heading “Black caucus” was first indexed in Library Literature in 1970.

  • 1980

    Whose Talking About BCALA

  • Diversity

    Diversity and Equity Through Unity: A Brief History of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association

  • Equity

    For a quarter of a century, the Black Caucus has remained diligent in its mission. Two sources of its strength have been exemplary leadership and a continuous agenda which has successfully monitored and addressed pertinent societal developments.

  • Unity

    More laudatory advancements that were achieved by the distinguished leadership:

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the highest level of professionalism BCALA Executive Leadership and Board Members

  • Kelvin A. Watson

    Kelvin A. Watson

    Kelvin A. Watson is the President of BCALA

  • Denyvetta Davis

    Denyvetta Davis, President-Elect 2014 - 2016

  • kYmberly Keeton

    kYmberly Keeton

    kYmberley Keeton is a 2014 - 2016 National Secretary of BCALA

  • Jerome Offord, Jr.

    Jerome Offord, Jr.

    Jerome Offord, Jr. is the past President of BCALA